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Shawn’s Backwater Adventure Tour – 2 Hour Explorer

Quick Details

Adventure Tour Price does not include tax or gas
Additional Rider Price does not include tax or gas

Family-friendly Myrtle Beach Adventure Tour

  • Drivers must be 16 years old with valid ID to drive alone, any age can ride or drive as long as there is an adult (18) onboard.
  • Designed to suit the needs of families, first-timers, and children!
  • Explore the backwaters of South Carolina with half-day and extended adventures that feature a personalized guided tour of the South Carolina and North Carolina backwaters on endless miles of glassy, smooth riding water trails.
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the historic plantations of the South Carolina lowcountry.
  • Wild animal sightings are not uncommon.  Alligators, eagles, osprey & turtles.  Just because the Explorer Series is catered to the entry-level rider, don’t think for one second that it’s devoid of thrills!
  • The mere beauty of the surroundings is enough to give even the most seasoned riders goosebumps. Rider safety is of utmost importance for any level, but we put a little extra emphasis on this when it comes to our entry level series to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Please Note:

Listed price does not include taxes or gas.

A $300 dollar security deposit is required. It is refundable upon the return of rental with no damage.

If you arrive late for your Jetski rental you may not get your full allotted time on the water.